Our industry partner, The Canadian Concrete Masonry Producer’s Association (CCMPA), commissioned Dr. Walter G.M. Schneider III, Ph.D., P.E., CBO, MCP, CFO, from Penn State University, to compare the initial cost of construction for multi-residential buildings using different building materials in various markets across Canada. These studies build upon Dr. Schneider’s experience researching initial construction costs in cities all over the United States. The concept of multi-family would include apartments, condominiums, student residence, elderly housing and others.

The recently-published addendum reports for Saskatoon and Regina can be accessed by following the link below. The original initial Cost Study Report that details the methodology behind the results is also available.

The results of these reports may surprise you, especially when you consider the numerous advantages of masonry construction related to fire safety, durability, resilience, sound transmission, and lifecycle costs.

Initial Cost Study Link:


Saskatoon – Initial Cost of Construction for Multi-Residential Structures:


Regina – Initial Cost of Construction for Multi-Residential Structures:


For more information, or to access the reports for other cities, please visit the website: