Supplier Member Profiles

Regina Location

 Sean Taylor
 (306) 515-3173

1305 Pettigrew Ave.
Regina, SK   S4N 5W1
 (306) 721-9333
 (306) 721-2405

Saskatoon Location

 Todd Hassen
 (306) 227-3960

803 48 St E.
Saskatoon, SK   S7K 0X5
 (306) 931-9255
 (306) 242-7113

Brock White Canada Company is a Canadian subsidiary of Brock White Company LLC and includes 15 locations in Canada including Thunder Bay, ON; Winnipeg, MB, which also serves as the Canadian head office; Regina and Saskatoon, SK. The Alberta market is serviced through two locations in Edmonton, one in Lloydminster and another in Calgary. The Brock White Goe-Environmental Construction team provides geotextile related installation services in Alberta. Through acquisition, Brock White now has locations throughout British Columbia, including Prince George, Kamloops, Kelowna, Victoria and three Vancouver area branches. Brock White Canada distributes similar product lines as the United States in addition to being distributors of commercial roofing systems, insulation and pipe and mechanical insulation products.

Brock White Company LLC headquartered in St. Paul, MN, was incorporated in 1954 to provide specialty products to concrete and masonry construction markets in the upper Midwest United States. The company continues to fill the niche between manufacturers and end users (mostly general contractors and specialty sub-contractors) in the application of thousands of construction products. These products include hand tools, specialty chemicals waterproofing materials, caulking, insulation, geotextile fabrics, erosion control, highway sealants, paint, concrete and masonry accessories, concrete repair and restoration materials and coatings, and landscaping accessories. Brock White has 14 locations throughout the Upper Midwest United States with its Central Office and Warehouse at 2575 Kasota Avenue, St. Paul, MN

Jason Brakefield
I-XL Building Products
(306) 664-3388
Cell: (306) 717-1795

832A 47th St. E.
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 0X4
 (306) 664-3388
 (306) 664-6493

I-XL has a long history in the brick and stone business. Over 100 years ago, I-XL began as brick makers and, over time, have evolved into premier suppliers of brick and stone in Western Canada.

I-XL is a family owned and operated company, currently in its fourth generation. It’s head office is located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Thanks to readily available natural gas and unique clay bodies, brick was made at the Medicine Hat plant from 1886 to 2010 when a flood halted operations. Herb Sissons built the original I-XL Redcliff plant, where clay was mined underground and then eventually fed into mechanical brick presses and set by hand into the mechanical down-draft kilns.

By 1913, the company had already switched to the extrusion process and began making wire cut bricks and hollow building tiles. With the formation of a parent company known as I-XL Industries Ltd. in 1912, the “I-XL” mantra – meaning “I excel” – became an early 20th century mission statement which was eventually stamped into the frog of every pressed brick from 1921 onwards.

I-XL acquired the Medicine Hat plant in 1929, which was established in 1886. In 2003, our two Alberta operations were consolidated into the Medicine Hat site. At this same time, robotic equipment as installed for our dry-pressed line. This resulted in more capacity, faster production and better health and safety for workers.

In 2010, there was a flood at the facilities and the plant closed operations. Though this could have been a devastating turn of events for I-XL, the company persevered and moved into the distribution side of the business.

I-XL is now the major distributor of manufactured stone veneers for Eldorado Stone and carries a wide array of natural stone veneers as well as our tried and true brick. Like the brick and stone we sell I-XL stands the test of time.

I-XL Industries is the parent company to I-XL Masonry Supplies. I-XL Masonry Supplies operates masonry supply yards in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Burnaby and Surrey. These locations are a major supplier of Brick, Glass Block, Natural and Manufactured Stone.

National Concrete Accessories (NCA)

Cory Rodych
(306) 260-7485

20 – 3918 Arthur Rose Ave.
Saskatoon, SK   S7P 0C9
 (306) 242-3831
 (306) 242-9644

With over 45 years of experience, National Concrete Accessories (NCA) is Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of concrete accessories. With 15 branches across Canada, including manufacturing plants in Toronto and Edmonton, we are your one-stop shop for concrete form hardware, accessories and construction products. Specializing in product variety, quality and superior service, we distribute a complete line of construction and restoration products including tools & equipment, decorative concrete and building envelope products. NCA works in partnership with premium brands such as Acrow-Richmond, DOW, Sika, Makita, W.R. Meadows, Bosch, Mapei, Titebond, UCAN, Husqvarna, Xypex, Butterfield Color, Marshalltown and Chapin to provide you with the best cost-effective solutions to meet your concrete job requirements

National Concrete Accessories Saskatoon is pleased to offer a variety of concrete supplies in Saskatoon, SK. With over 45 years of exceptional on-site service, National Concrete Saskatoon is #1 source for concrete solutions and expertise.

NCA’s commitment to safety, innovation, and superior customer service make us an industry leader in concrete accessories and hardware. We are dedicated to ensuring that construction projects are completed with optimal efficiency, and we thrive on providing the necessary tools and experience to help our clients achieve their goals. For high quality concrete products, Saskatoon construction companies can depend on NCA as a trusted partner.


Regina Location


 Darrell Kennedy
  (306) 596-2113

340 6 Ave. E.
Regina, SK   S4N 5A4
 (306) 584-2990
(306) 584-2997

Saskatoon Location

Jamie Windjack
  (306) 241-2345

3703 Arthur Rose Avenue
Saskatoon, SK   S7P 0C7
 (306) 653-2990
 (306) 665-0331

Timberstone is a family owned and operated company with a long history in the construction and service industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring high quality and value oriented Interior & Exterior building products to our customers with an outstanding service record.

Timberstone is proud to be a supplier of the following products and systems. We have chosen these suppliers due to their unique ability to work with our values of supplying high customer service and high quality products.

We have teamed up with Laticrete to bring our customers some of the most technically advanced products for the flooring and masonry industry. Laticrete offers the following products Thinsets, Waterproofing, Anti fracture, sound proofing, floor heating, Masonry Veneer Installation System and Grouts. Laticrete has one of the best warranty systems and manufactures some of the highest quality products in the world.

We have partnered with Environmental Stoneworks for quality and service which Environmental Stoneworks is at the top of their industry in both of these fields. Environmental Stoneworks full line of Manufactured Stone products and accessories are all ICC Certified and have a very stringent quality control system. On top of these great quality attributes Environmental Stoneworks service is next to no one with custom product orders, large array of products and 1 to 2 week product delivery and turn around.

We have teamed up with Loxcreen to compliment our Laticrete and Environmental Stoneworks products. Loxcreen offers some great products like tile edging, Protega matting and Prova shower and drain systems.

Sunbelt Rentals
Andrew Dickson
PCM Manager
(306) 209-6592

4850 E Victoria Ave.
Regina, SK   S4N 2G6
 (306) 271-0431

As the premiere rental equipment company in North America, Sunbelt Rentals offers a highly diversified product mix including general construction equipment, industrial tools, pumps, power generation, climate control & HVAC, shoring solutions, scaffolding, remediation & restoration equipment, and more. With over 1,050 locations, Sunbelt Rentals is uniquely positioned to provide you with immediate access to the newest and broadest equipment fleet in the industry, 24/7 emergency response, national coverage, and online account management. Learn more at or call us today at 1-800-667-9328.