The Saskatchewan Masonry Institute (SMI) and the Canada Masonry Design Centre (CMDC) formed a partnership to open a new CMDC office in Saskatchewan. The CMDC is committed to providing masonry contractors and designers in Canada with the tools and resources to facilitate proper design and construction of masonry structures. In this endeavor, the CMDC hired Sasha Kisin as the Masonry Design Coordinator to staff the Saskatchewan office located within the SMI office. Sasha is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan’s Civil Engineering program and completed his M.Sc. degree in the field of non-contact lap splices in reinforced masonry construction.

As the local CMDC representative, Sasha works together with the rest of the CMDC staff on national initiatives such as the MASS software, design textbooks, the Engineered Masonry Design Course, research programs, as well as codes and standards development.

For more information of the CMDC’s MASS software please visit the MASS website.

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