Why Masonry

Why Masonry

Masonry is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Using a masonry wall system for your next project will help you deliver a completed building in the shortest period of time, with many additional benefits. Masonry structures go up fast and have been proven to last! Buildings with long lifespans have significantly lower lifecycle costs due to the high cost of infrastructure replacement in the current market. Another significant benefit of masonry is its performance during fire which result in favorable insurance policy premiums. Masonry wall systems deliver superior performance in the critical categories of life safety, lifecycle cost-benefits analysis, and mold resistance.

From a community standpoint, the economics of using masonry construction is significant due to the heavy use of local labor and materials. The benefit of jobs as well as goods and services that follow masonry construction projects creates a greater economic ripple effect in the community. These attributes must not be overlooked when the type of construction system is being considered.

Masonry wall systems are truly one of the most versatile and economic construction techniques on the market.
The loadbearing masonry wall systems are truly one of most versatile and economic construction techniques on the market. Construction of arches, lintels, corners, and architectural details is easy in a masonry wall system when they are built by certified Red Seal Bricklayers. Masonry provides the owner and designer with unequaled value and flexibility at a reasonable cost. Another advantage to using a masonry wall system is that construction can begin immediately and continue without delay due to modularity of the masonry units. Masonry construction avoids waiting for fabrication and the problems associated with the accumulation of fabrication tolerances. Single contractor responsibility, fewer trades on the job site, and immediately available local materials provide the loadbearing masonry wall system with one of its greatest attributes: construction momentum. Continuity of progress on the jobsite helps to reduce construction problems as the crews return to the same job day after day. This also reduces the risk of project delays which can result in significant fines to the general contractors and lost revenue for owners. Masonry wall systems offer superior energy saving characteristics over alternative building methods. This is partly due to the thermal break that can be provided within the cross-section of a masonry cavity wall system with materials that will not lose their energy efficiency or allow thermal infiltration. Large temperature swings are also effectively moderated due to the thermal mass of masonry cavity wall systems. This results in less load on the building heating and cooling system, further reducing the lifecycle costs of the system. These savings are compounded by today’s rising heating/cooling costs which make the energy conservation aspects of using masonry wall system even more valuable to property owners. These are just some of the many reasons why using a masonry wall system is the superior choice for your next building project.


“Masonry was selected because of its durability, inherent beauty, structural stability, and fire rating capabilities”

Design Professional: Gabe Derksen M.Arch, MAA, LEED AP
Design Professional’s Title:
Studio Lead | Education & Recreation
Design Office: Number TEN Architectural Group

Douglas Park Elementary School

“Durability and maintenance-free exteriors are critical for projects in rural settings”

Design Professional:Heney Klypak S.A.A., B.A., M.Arch, MRAIC
Design Professional’s Title: Principal
Design Office: Heney Klypak Architect Ltd.

Chamkun Health Centre

“Masonry was selected as an exterior finish to enhance the overall appearance of the building and to provide a maintenance-free durable cladding.”

Design Professional: Maurice Soulodre B.A., B.Ed., M.Arch, S.A.A., MRAIC
Design Professional’s Title: Principal
Design Office: Maurice Soulodre Architect Ltd.

Musée Ukraina Museum

“Masonry is used to convey the image of stability, longevity and security, while creating a warm and welcoming appearance.”

Design Professional:
David C. Edwards B.E.S, M.Arch, SAA, RAIC
Design Professional’s Title: Partner
Design Office: Edwards Edwards McEwen Architects

CIBC University Heights Square

“Using block as load bearing partition walls saved on the cost of erecting structural steel.”

Design Professional: Mark Gress P. Eng., B.E. , M.Sc.
Design Professional’s Title: Principal
Design Office: Robb Kullman Engineering LLP

River Landing Pavilion